Our mission: Unite & delight your community in 1 appy place.

No coding required!

Every business, organization or club has 1 important asset: its community.

But how can you stay in touch, in sight, in love? Keep your community at your fingertips by creating a wonderful app(y place) where clients become friends.

Create an everlasting connection & get more ROI on your

  • – content marketing efforts
  • – customer service tools
  • – e-commerce investments
  • – marketing automation flows  

thanks to our tried & true app strategy, implementable in 30 days.

Welcome to your future. Welcome to World of Waw.


Tina Stroobandt l Impact Architect
Pieter Van Eynde l Smooth operator
Tim Stroobandt l Code Ninja


Community Management 95%
Mixed reality 95%
App marketing & management 90%
App development 100%
Marketing automation platforms 70%
Content marketing 85%