Immerse yourself!

360 video

Immerse yourself in 360 video:

  1. Create 360° footage of any location or experience
  2. Showcase your content in your own branded interface
  3. Enjoy in google cardboard and Samsung Gear
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Virtual Reality Training

Offer immersive, interactive training for faster learning:

  1. Create a virtual training environments
  2. Allow interactivity & simulations
  3. Offer built-in quizzes and challenges
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Ultimate eyecatcher

Attract and amaze visitors with the ultimate experience

  1. Attract expo visitors to your boot
  2. Showcase your company in 360°
  3. Showcase your product or location from afar
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For sale & for rent!

The ultimate eyecatcher

Looking to surprise and delight your audience? Get in touch! Together we can design the ultimate virtual reality experience for your brand!

Rent an event!

We have 6 samsung gear vr headsets that are perfect for any event or expo. Pricing starts at €2500. Talk to you soon!

Make an everlasting impact

Virtual reality is hyper immersive. Nobody will forgot the experience you offered, nor the message you conveyed. Be a pioneer!


Forget 2D static images. Virtual reality offers new immersive ways to discover faraway locations, hard to access environments and phantasy worlds.Thanks to the collaboration between Go Pro and Youtube, 360° content will be the new standard. Be ready.

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