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Mobile loyalty 3.0

Combine big data, motivation and gamification for a succesful loyalty system.We offer:

  1. A mobile interface
  2. Automated mobile marketing tools to keep engagement
  3. Loyalty & gamification workshops & strategies
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Omni sales

Millennials prefer apps to mobile websites. Don’t miss out on important sales!

  1. Offer product & promotions
  2. Collect data on user preferences for customer-centric marketing
  3. Ask for feedback (& reward it)
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Magic scanner

Customers love surprising experiences. We offer them through:

  1. Walking talking 3D creatures on brochures, flyers, posters,…
  2. Disclosing stock information in points of sale
  3. Super smart gamified reward system
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Loyalty 3.0

A good loyalty programm is transparant, visible and tangible: it motivates your community to keep going that extra mile for perks they truely long for. It’s magic baby!

Collect data

Get to know your clients by tracking their interest, purchases, whereabouts and behaviour & get ready for true automated mobile marketing.

Omnichannel sales

Offer your clients promotions and products in a truely user friendly mobile environment to convert interest in sales asap. Desktop is dying. Are you ready?

Predictive mobile marketing

Thanks to data driven mobile marketing, you become a marketing superhero. Connect your email marketing, CRM, website & app and receive mobile marketing suggestions. You just have to adapt and confirm the e-message and watch the sales roll in. 

Life’s all about fun & games

Use surprising 3D experiences and games to keep your app installed and your audience engaged. 

Feedback & customer service

Thanks to built in feedback mechanisms, the app will provide useful feedback on POS visits, purchases, etc. Complete contact information, purchase history and help screens help lighten the burdon of your customer service team.


Become a love brand! 

Customer centricity is everything in the global, connected market. We can help you build a solid, data driven mobile strategy that is rewarding for both your company and the consumer. Let’s create a happy place!

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