The future of mobile marketing

3D Characters

Recognize any book or object and your walking talking character appears: 

  1. Existing & new characters and humans
  2. Digital photo boot & viral games
  3. Your walking talking multilingual host
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Living Prints

Turn any surface into an interactive multimedia platform:

  1. Pictures become videos
  2. Offer on screen and mixed reality games
  3. Create interactive displays & sweepstakes
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Unite your fans

Turn your fans into a united and delighted community and learn what they like:

  1. Surprise and delight with magical experiences
  2. Data analytics: learn users habits 
  3. Crossadvertising & mobile marketing
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Anything is possible

Have a Peter Pan moment

Design an (inter)active life for any mascotte or character & blow life into it. Or have our designers create an interactive personality for your brand.

Create mobile magic

Allow children to believe their favourite character is right in from to them, thanks to their magic scanner (your smartphone or tablet).

Allow your mind to wonder

Turn the page and create mobile experiences people haven’t even thought of. Create an everlasting connection to your brand.

Collect data & learn from your users

Learn when, how, where, how often, … fans interact with your mobile experience. And adapt to their needs.

Stay top of mind

Use direct messages and games to keep your fans engaged and up to date.

Advanced mobile marketing & cross promotion

Inform your fans about other products or services they might enjoy. 

Do you believe in magic?

The biggest gift in life is wonder. Humans are fantastic. The world offers amazing encounters. Mix those with digital magic and you have the recepiee for lifelong memories. Lets build those together!

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