Dirk Tieleman is a famous Belgian journalist who embarked upon a journey to discover parts of China foreigners had never seen. New highways & high speed trains attract massive amounts of Chinese tourists, anonymous towns transform into urban jungles & landscapes are lost forever. This is the new China. And you can’t help but fall in love with this hands-on community.

To make sure the readers of ‘The big jump sideways’ (De grote sprong zijwaarts) could truely envision the massive metamorphosis, Hautekiet Publishers created an app that transform the pictures into video.
Just download the app, scan the pages with the AR label and enjoy the journey.

More books will follow soon.

The app is available for iphone, ipad of android. Just scan this picture & see for yourself!

H8 - Film 6 - 22-boekfinal18


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Date : 09 mrt 2015

Author : Dirk Tieleman

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Website : www.houtekiet.be/

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