There’s more you in uplace.

Uplace is an international lifestyle / real estate group whose aim is to breathe new life into towns by establishing innovative projects. How? By creating unique destinations where working, living and relaxing seamlessly blend together. And what bettter way to unite & delight your community, then creating a World of Waw app?

Since the Uplace project is still under construction, the ‘connect’ app will inform all stakeholders & the public about the project, offering unique 3D sights of the future development.
As soon as the experience center opens its doors, the visitors will continue to be rewarded, united and delighted.

The app is available for ipone, ipad & android. Ready for a taste? 

Scan the 3D model  & check out the building, night or day & share your view on social media. The newsfeed will keep you up to date at all time.


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Date : 09 mrt 2015

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