Get your dale on!

The flemish government is proud of its natural areas. But often changes in landscapes are met with a lot of resistance.
We built a stakeholder management strategy & community management tools that transformed the ‘NIMBY’ (Not in my back yard) in a ‘PIMBY’ situation.

The lovable ‘Dale the Deer’ (Xavier de Ree’ had a massive role in this process. He will live on forever as a park ranger.
When you scan concrete benches throughout the nature reserve, Dale pops up to tell you a little more about the area, play quizes & share tales.

Care for a preview?

Download the app for Iphone & tablet.

Scan these images & meet Dale in real life!

Coming soon near Antwerp! And already traveling on an exhibition stand to promote Belgian landscapes!

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Date : 09 mrt 2015

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