Pool Outfitters is an innovative new company on the Belgian market. As their name suggests, Pool Outfitters is a one stop shop for all your pool supplies. In the summer of 2016 they launched Bord De Mer, their own brand of magnificent looking swimming pools.

As they were entering a competitive market, they were looking for a partner to develop a tool which could be used to reach new clients and to help those clients visualizing the pool of their dreams in their own backyard.

Pool Outfitters also needed visuals to include in their brochures to let the world know they were coming with new pool designs. However, they hadn’t begun the production process yet! So how were they going to take pictures?


To help them out with stunning visuals for their brochure, our 3D artists used the technical plans of the swimming pools to create virtual exteriors in 3D. With photorealistic rendering techniques, we were able to provide Pool Outfitters with “photos” to illustrate all marketing communication. You can see an example below! Wouldn’t you buy that pool?

The pool configurator World of Waw developed for Pool Outfitters makes them stand out of the crowd in a competitive market. This innovative tool is supporting the launch of this new brand as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means it’s freely available for everyone to use.

Clients are able to design their own pool in high quality 3D, so they are able to play with product options until they are satisfied. Every time they want to try another option, the 3D models in the app will show them in a realistic way what the visual impact is!

We don’t keep it on screen, though! With our Augmented Reality powers, we are enabling clients to test out the stunning pool they have just created in their own backyard.
By doing so, clients do not have to worry about a lack of space or a design mismatch. They have visual confirmation they are making the right choice, making the buying decision a lot easier!

Potential clients are willing to share personal data with a company if you can involve them in the design of “their” product. This gives you the possibility to create very hot leads indeed! When customers are curious about how much it would cost to place their design in their garden, they are asked to put in their email addresses and a personalized quote is send to them immediately!


The app is freely available in the App and Play store!


get_it_on_google_play-svg download on the app store


Pool Outfitters used the 3D renders we provided to make a stunning brochure for their Bord De Mer swimming pool brand! You can check out the end result here!


photorealistic rendering

Check out their amazing brochure!



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