The Challenge

JB De Decker is a Belgian company that has become one of the leading bathroom and kitchen manufacturers in the Benelux. They are always searching for innovative and functional concepts to support their dealerships in shortening the sales cycle and to help consumers find the bathroom and kitchen they  always dreamed of.

The Solution

Visualization and personalization are the key to success! Customers need visual confirmation to make buying decisions. The 3D product configurator World of Waw has created, fits the needs of JB De Decker. It’s a perfect match!

This tool makes it a lot easier for sales teams to cocreate a new bathroom with the customer. Photorealistic 3D imaging gives a clear idea of what the design really looks like, avoiding disappointment when the furniture is installed.

CPQ software (configure-price-quote) makes sure the correct pricing is generated, so there are no financial surprises and customers don’t have to wait on quotes!

Synchronization with back-end programs turn the order process into a streamlined and simple process, cutting the sales cycle in half!

The Result

JB De Decker presented their product configurator to the public during M.O.W. in Germany, September 2016!
Next up: the integration of all other collections!


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Marc Noteborn
+32 471 32 24 89

Other Details

Date : 21 okt 2016

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