Send a text message to every member of your community


push-notification-mobile-shopping-app-do-and-dontSend a text message to your app users!

Would not it be amazing if you could simply text your community?

Well… now you can!

Thanks to our direct notification service you can send short messages to all your app users.
You can segment on language, location, and interest.











Alert them when you have a new collection or product, when you are open on Sunday, when your album is out, …
Whatever interests them most? You have whatever they need!

Supply them with relevant information through various in-app communication channels and stay top of mind!














You can even plan ahead!

Thanks to automated mobile marketing, you can:

– Plan wonderful app onboarding: Introduce your app and all its wonderful features to your users
– Create mobile drip marketing campaigns: create a string of notifications you want new users to get, reengage lapsing users through messaging, …
– Use A/B testing for each segment to increase your impact

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