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5 psychological reasons augmented reality increases sales!

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality mixes fact and fiction into a new experience. By adding digital data to the camera feed of your smartphone or tablet, you get to experience characters, objects or interfaces on top of your physical environment.

You now have superpowers because you can see the unseen and interact with it!


Who says it increases sales?

Hidden Creative (UK) conducted empirical research to verify claims that augmented reality increases sales success. They recreated the famous Pepsi challenge, but this time comparing traditional display advertising versus augmented reality marketing.

100 parents were shown a display advert for a child’s toy, while another 100 parents were shown the child’s toy as an interactive augmented reality experience.

Each person was then asked two questions:

  1. Would you consider buying this toy for a child?
  2. How much would you consider paying for the toy?


After viewing the 2D printed display advert, out of 100 parents, 45 % would consider buying the toy for a child. Preferably at £5.99.

BUT: after the augmented reality experience, 74% of the parents would buy the toy!
And for a higher amount of money: £7.99 !

Why does it increase sales?

1. A higher sense of ownership

When engaging with even a digital model of the product, people feel connected to the item. They already feel a sense of ‘ownership’.

Imagine this: you are at a bar and somebody buys you a drink you don’t really like. You don’t drink it, but since it’s full, it kinda just stays there. Then a stranger comes by and takes a sip. You are a little offended. Ok, you don’t like the drink. But somebody gave it to you (you feel a sense of ownership) and they should have asked!

People are very sensitive to buying products they already feel connected to. Augmented Reality can help this engagement process.

2. A magical storytelling medium

People love to be engaged in meaning, stories and a higher sense of belonging. Augmented reality turns any surface into a multimedia platform ready to draw you in. And love it!

Examples: augmented reality storybooks, augmented reality real estate, augmented reality furniture and custom products

3. Reciprocity: reward the one that makes you feel good

Augmented reality experiences are so magical and engaging, you tap into that feeling and create a world of wonder and a sense of wellbeing you can ‘t wait to take home. A product that makes you feel amazing, is a product worthy of being bought!


4. Consistency: make clear, evidence based decisions

Nobody likes to feel insecure, so we prefer to take decisions that correspond with prior strategies. When buying custom products, augmented reality can take away all insecurities by providing a 3D configurator to visualize all options AND test the end result in the surroundings the product will be used.

5. Social Proof: when insecure, learn from others

And the best thing is… you can share the assembled product (like furniture, …) with your peers and get their feedback before making any decision. The wisdom of the crowd truly is at your fingertips!

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