3D product configurator

How a 3D configurator can double your sales

Do you manufacture a custom product that allows your customers to assemble the design of their dreams? Then it’s a no brainer!

A 3D configurator will…

  •           Help you visualize all possible options & variations (including the impact on pricing)
  •           Empower your sales reps by lowering risk & cutting their sales cycle in half
  •           Speed up your prototyping time and help you manufacture on demand
  •           Streamline customer service by eliminating misunderstandings & mistakes
  •           Let your product speak for itself.


Your 3D configurator: The fun & engaging visualization tool

Have you ever found yourself customizing a car with no intent at all to buy it? Then you know how appealing an intuitive 3D configurator is and how much fun it can be to assemble the product of your dreams. Talk to the left brain of your customers and engage them in configuring the ultimate product. Closing the deal is just one click or tap away.

Curious how Toshiba & Mindray doubled their sales? Check out our whitepaper and find out!


Your sales configurator: cut your sales cycle in half!

Most custom product sales reps plow through a pretty hefty sales cycle. They visit the customer for orientation, return to the office to create mockups and offers, go back to discuss the options and repeat until the client is satisfied. Or not. Even in retail locations clients often need several visits to make up their minds. A 3D configurator can help you fix that problem.

Thanks to a visual 3D configurator, sales rep AND client assemble the product of their dreams, right there on the spot. Then the client returns home, to test the end result in their surroundings, thanks to augmented reality technology that adds the digital product to the actual camerafeed of their smartphone or tablet. This eliminates doubt and insecurity, cutting the sales cycle in half. We’ve been there. You’re welcome!

3D configurator - rapid prototyping

Speed up prototyping time and manufacture on demand

Ready to test new models and options? By creating virtual prototypes, you can test your designs on the market without spending 1 cent on manufacturing materials. Do you want to offer exclusive collections to top retailers? Now you can! By creating 3D models of your product and allowing for digital material changes and options, hundreds of variations are available at your fingertips. You can easily measure which versions yield the most success and which are easily forgotten. And then choose to manufacture only the most popular editions. Fast, cheap and easy!


Streamline customer service

The frontend of your 3D configurator should be intuitive and easy. But the back-end is an entirely different story. People make mistakes, but when you let the machines do the talking, errors can be avoided. When assembling your design, your 3D configurator compiles a detailed list of product components AND a visual of the end result, hence minimizing the margin for error. Soon, your customer service team will no longer be dealing with mistakes. But doing what they do best: improve customer experience.