(Multi)media Producers: Turn prints into multimedia screens

Content creation is hard. You have to capture the essence of every message, use just the right text-image combo to reach the target audience and create opportunities to see for maximum impact.

But the end product is immensely gratifying… as long as people see it.

We are here to help!

Our apps allow you to unite & delight your community by

  • – creating living prints for your clients
  • – keeping them up to date on your latest work
  • – present mixed reality video, 3D models, buttons, polls, etc.
  • – transform paper into a multimedia surface
  • – send segmented text messages to your audience
  • – measure and analyse the way consumers interact with your medium

This way, you stay top of mind by putting the spotlight on them!

Let’s unite & delight your community. Let’s create a world of waw.

Or your competitor will!