Omnichannel retail

Everybody is talking about omnichannel retail. Dont worry!
Thanks to our multifunctional app, your customer will enjoy this allround service very soon!


  • The magic starts at home. Turn your flyers, ads and brochures into direct sales channels. Scan them & they become multimedia platforms. Buttons will guide your clients to the e-shop, so you can easily convert interest into sales.
  • Fun 3D games involve the entire family and help them engage in a magical brand connection.

But of course, we focus on functional tools.

  • Traditional loyalty cards are history. Scan the card for digital storage or tap into the power of your CMS system through manual login.
  • Track the items your client is interested in and provide promotions, costumed to their interests and needs. A push notification or badge alerts them when you have something new to offer. Of course, that can be interesting content as well.
  • The store locator explains your customer where he can visit your points of sales.
  • And when he or she is close to your shop, a ‘daily deal’ or a coupon will remind him of your proximity, thanks to IBeacon technology.
  • When your client enters the shop, advanced IBeacon communications provide a customer service, catered to their interests and needs.
  • Your sales team knows the purchase history of each guest, which improves their added value. And you can track how long clients are staying and which part of the shop they visited, to help you optimize your point of sale planning.
  • Customers can scan all articles to see which articles are available in which sizes and colors. You can also recommend other items they might like.
  • When they proceed to the check-out, an IBeacon automatically calls their loyalty card to your homescreen.
  • We encourage social sharing of your brand by rewarding customers with loyalty points. And we can even integrate mobile payments in the app for easy check-out.

But of course, the customer is always right! Let’s reward our brand ambassadors for their feedback & keep adapting to their needs.

How? Get our ‘reward app’! Welcome to the World of Waw!