Products: Try before you buy (at home)


Imagine a new kind of digital catalogue that allows your clients to try any item at home.
Or that enables your sales team to showcase any product, without lugging around the product itself.

Thanks to our mixed reality apps, you can showcase your entire collection using a standard smartphone of tablet.

Press a button & provide a nice glimpse of the future, thanks to a photorealistic overlay on the camera feed of your device.

Your client can try a lifesize view of the end result. In any version, shape or color.
All available information is right there, available for everybody.

Thanks to the analytics, you can automate your marketing and sales process to ‘farm’ your leads.
Spend less, sell more.



Try it. Browse it. Show it. Share it. Change it. Buy it…. Resell it..

  • – Showcase your entire collection
  • – Allow customers to check the product size
  • – Swipe to test alternatives
  • – Share on social media
  • – Showcase all patterns & colors
  • – Analyse customer behaviour
  • – Detect and change unpopular inventory
  • – Send push notifications & news



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