So… you publish a printmedium? That’s fantastic! A community of fans buys your product time and again, to enjoy the content you provide for him/her. Whether it’s books, magazines, leaflets, … your content rocks!

Now let’s make it roll as well! Marketingwise, you have gold in your hands. And you know it. You allow brands to reach a segmented audience, willing, no longing to consume the message you want to get accross.

Unfortunately… this audience is being spoiled by the vast amount of free online content. And the fast multimedia imagery that comes with it.

So… it’s time for a brand new business model.
You are no longer a content creator, but a community caterer.

You don’t sell knowledge, you sell a lifestyle. And our apps are THE best way to keep your community informed on all things you.

Each and every one of our apps, allows you to transform paper into living prints:

  • – connect video, 3D models, buttons, polls, etc. to your print media
  • – transform paper into a multimedia surface
  • – send segmented text messages to your audience
  • – measure and analyse the way consumers interact with your medium

Once you unite & delight your community with your multimedia app. You can reach them anytime, anywhere. And boy, will advertisers pay for that privilege!

The more your community grows, the more you can upgrade to loyalty & direct sales modules. So the gift keeps on giving.

Let’s create some magic together! A world of waw, for your community.