Real vs render: Can you spot the 3D renders from actual photographs?

Real vs Render

3D software has the power to handle innumerable things, many of which go beyond imagination. For custom product designers & manufacturers, it is the ultimate way to visualise their product before its even built.

3D has come a long way and it is getting hard to guess which images are real and which are rendered. Can you guess which is which?

kitchen big_medium













So what do you think?

The truth is… they are both 3D renders. Stunning right?


10 more reasons 3D rendering beats photography

1) The perfect image, every time: nothing in the real world is perfect. But in the virtual world everything is! Unless you choose otherwise. 3D renders have the perfect balance, the right colors, …













2) No Retouching: You design what you like to see. No need to retouch unwanted items, because they are not there.

3) Controlled conditions: Ever had to wait for that perfect lighting? That dreamy sunset? Rain? Snow? A 3D environment can be rendered in ALL possible conditions within the same day.

4) Lighting challenges: in photography, you either use what is in the environment or you introduce an additional light source. When using 3D rendering, you pick the type of lighting condition that suits your project best!

5) Staging: moving and organizing products for photography can be time consuming and expensive. Some of our clients tell us they ship their products abroad for a photograph! Why go through all that trouble when 3D software allows us to move objects with the click of a mouse, saving time and money.

You want to photograph your furniture collection at a villa in Spain? No problem! We’ll built you that villa in no time!










6) Making changes: 3D is all about flexibility! You make the changes you want, when you want. Even after your publication; you can reuse images in other campaigns in an other form or context!

When a photoshoot is done, it’s done. You can’t go back in time wishing you had asked for an image you now need.

7) Shorten design cycles and thus production time: you’re thinking about a new model to add to your catalogue? Why not test it with 3D software? Share your prototype with customers and suppliers to ask for their opinion! Do you get positive feedback? Start those engines and get the production process going!

8) Streamline manufacturing processes: unnecessary costs and time delays are trimmed to perfection. With 3D software, you can improve the communication throughout your organization, getting everyone in sync!

9) Accelerate product introductions: by now, you probably get the point. 3D renderings make it so easy to share your awesome new collection, it will delight your community in no time!

10) Publish 3D rendering online: widen your audience and get an overall idea about what people think about your product or project.

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