3D product configurator

Top reasons you need a product configurator NOW

1. You design or manufacture a customizable product

Whether it’s furniture, cars or high fashion, if clients can customize your product then a 3D configurator is THE best visualisation tool!

You can

  1. showcase all possible variations
  2. present the effect on pricing
  3. allow clients to try your product in their environment thanks to augmented reality technology

2. You rely on resellers or sales reps to make a sale

Resellers are not always completely educated on your product. They will sell whatever makes them the most money.

Thanks to your product configurator, you make it easy for them to convice the client and cut their sales cycle in half.

Your sales reps can:

  1. help clients assemble the design of their dreams
  2. quick scan and customize demo models in the shop or on tradefair
  3. place an order with a visual aid and a detailed component list
  4. follow up on clients after they leave thanks to the try & buy augmented reality function

scan & buy










3. Tradefairs are important sales drivers

Can you relate to this situation? You are in your booth at the tradefair and all your important buyers arrive at once.

You try to write down their orders as fast as you can, but you lose some sales due to the fact nobody likes to wait.
And after the rush, you realise you forgot to check some components and lose even more time following up to complete the order sheet.


Thanks to your new product configurator all this stress is in the past. Prior to the tradefair you preconfigure the collections and setups you expect will be the most popular.
You showcase them in a brochure and on displays. And when your clients arrive, you simply scan the barcode on the brochures and displays to recognize your preconfiguration, make some minor adjustment to suit the needs of the client and place a superfast, completely flawfree order. You are never losing a sales opportunity again!


4. You want to expand from B2B to B2C

Online shopping is growing more dominant every year. It’s time to get your feet wet and expand your target groups.

With a web and app configurator, you make shopping fun! Allow end users to assemble the product of their dreams AND test it in their environment thank to augmented reality technology.

No need to worry about the outcome of their decision. They can place a carefree order, right then and there.