World of Waw gets 2 ‘Oscar’ Nominations!

Augmented and virtual reality are hot. Worldwide, high-tech programmers are developing innovative applications that mix reality with digital elements.

In early June the Augmented World Expo will decide which teams delivered the best results by granting them with ‘Auggies’: the Oscars for the best augmented reality applications.

World of Waw received not one, but two nominations. Our partnerships with the Belgian toy brand Lilliputiens and Furniture Manufacturer Recor got recognised as best in class. Now, let’s go for gold!

The 3D product configurator, nominated for ‘Best Tool’, already helps Recor to interactively present their latest furniture lines in all possible variations.

Retailer sales reps and customers can browse through collections, adapt every furniture pieces to meet their dreams and test the end result in their home thanks to augmented reality.
Any custom product manufacturer can greatly benefit from such a graphic visualisation tool. This explainer video explains why:


Lilliputiens ‘Smart wonders’ were nominated for Best Toy and showcases the strength of a partnership between high-tech games and cuddly high quality toys.

Thanks to image and object recognition technology, your device recognizes the Lilliputiens products to reveal a hidden world of adventures or ‘smart wonders’.

Are you proud of us and our team? So are we! Please help us win the Auggie!

Visit the awards site and vote for our cases. You can make 2 votes!

Vote for Lilliputiens here!
Vote for Recor here!

We will be forever grateful!