3D product configurator

Top reasons you need a product configurator NOW

1. You design or manufacture a customizable product Whether it’s furniture, cars or high fashion, if clients can customize your product then a 3D configurator is THE best visualisation tool! You can showcase all possible variations present the effect on pricing allow clients to try your product in their environment thanks to augmented reality technology 2. […]

World of Waw wins Efteling E-nnovation day!

Efteling invited all creative and digital agencies to come up with an innovation that would improve the experience of their guests. 90 studios came up with concepts. 15 battled it out on the pitch day on November 13th. And World of Waw was chosen as the winner! Our solution to turn ‘waiting in line’ into […]

Loyalty programs are profit-enhancing differentiators (according to 2 business professors)

Six Myths About Customer Loyalty Programs Low-margin retailers often argue they can’t afford customer loyalty programs, but is that true? Two business professorsmake the case that such programs are profit-enhancing differentiators. There are three ways to differentiate in retailing: location, location, and location. The problem is that as markets mature, location becomes less potent as a […]

Why Community Management Is Different From Social Media Marketing (Forbes.com)

It’s only been a few years since the majority of people were questioning whether leveraging social media channels as a platform for consumer-brand interactions was a viable strategy, and now most businesses in the country have some discernable social media presence. Not all of these businesses are actively engaging in an ongoing marketing strategy through these platforms, […]